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Fine Lines & Wrinkles

March 03, 2024

Are you curious about your fine lines starting to form around your eyes, or are you beginning to notice deeper wrinkles? Whether you are just beginning to notice early signs of ageing or already have defined wrinkles. Learn more about fine lines and wrinkles and steps you can take to have healthy-looking skin at any age.

Fine lines are often one of the very first signs of ageing. As skin begins to age, fine lines may begin to appear around the eyes, forehead and frown.

Wrinkles are more deep-set. As you age, many fine lines may turn into wrinkles as skin loses elasticity and firmness. Book online for you skin assessment and recommended treatment.

The combination of good skin quality and relaxing of the muscles to upper and lower face is essential for balance (rather than complete blocking) and vital to a natural look. Correction of fine lines, wrinkles as well as asymmetry of peri-orbital and peri-oral areas (eye and mouth) is achievable with a minimalist considered and experienced approach.

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